Alien Dog Rides the Snow!
January 26, 2012

With all the snow and rain and trees falling throughout Western Washington, I thought that you all could use a different sort of weather report … from the Alien Dog, of course!  Have fun and be happy, that’s what the Alien Dog does.

Peace and love,

Jimmy Jump


Lucy of Cuteness!
January 7, 2010

Cute little Lucy was there to great her guests with a big, “Hello,” and her best tricks.

Don’t Feed the Wildlife
November 5, 2009

People have been feeding the raccoons in Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington.  Now the raccoons think that all people who drive or walk through the park are there to feed them.  This is not good, and in the past few weeks the park workers have found six raccoons shot by pellet guns.  Okay, the raccoons are really cute … but they have claws and attitude problems.  The best thing to do is NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE.

More information about this story from the Seattle Times: