My dogs have a running argument about what dog will win the 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.  Red is a border collie.  Blue is like some sort of houndog/catahoula concoction.  Together they add up to a bunch of dog fun.  If there’s one thing that I would tell you — as I show you an ad for a purebred dog show — is that you should always look for a rescue dog when you are looking to add a canine to your household.  Blue is a champion disc (frisbee) dog and a darn good guy, and he was a rescue.  Red is a purebred and he is completely insane and weird.  Goes to show you … Anyway, if there’s one website that I would recommend to anyone it is  Use it to find a dog in any state.


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  1. Just recently I have looked around for a little of knowledge on Eukanuba. Is it true that the base is made from soya? Clearly there’s other ingredients such as chicken/beef included, but it doesn’t sound like a healthy start.

    • Bob, I’m going to look into that. I’m not sure, and to be quite honest I have only fed my dogs Eukanuba when I’ve been given free samples. I have fed Fleet River, Neutro, Natural Balance, and others over the years. Not too sure about E.

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